Exterior and Structural
•Vegetation and Foundation
•Irrigation Controller
•Structural Components
•Grading and Drainage
•Decks, Porches, and Patios
•Walkways and Driveways
•Windows and Doors
•Garages and Fireplaces

•Outlet and Wiring Testing
•Electric Service and Sub-Panels
•GFCI and AFCI Outlet Testing
•Grounding and Bonding
•Breakers and Fuses
•Electrical Wiring

Mold Inspections

•Water Service Type
•Locate Main Shut-off Valve

•Visual Inspection of Fire Sprinkler System
•Test "inspector" Test Valve for Fire Sprinkler System
•Water Pressure at Service Entrance
•Faucets (Interior and Exterior)
•Water Heater
•Toilets and Bidets
•Drains and Traps

Heating and Cooling
•Heating and Cooling System Air Handlers (FAU)
•A/C Condenser
•Ducts and Vents
•Refrigerant Lines
•Evaporative Coils
•Condensing Coils

•A representative number of doors and windows by opening and closing them
•Floors, walls and ceilings
•Stairs, steps, landings, stairways and ramps
•Railings, guards and handrails
•Garage vehicle doors and the operation of garage door openers, using normal operating controls.
•All "installed" kitchen appliances.

Inspection services

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